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WHAT IS g'petto ?

The name g'petto comes from the woodcarver in the famous story: The Adventures of Pinocchio. It is our unique solution that enables visual designers to move objects and create stunning stories of their own. Like Mister Gepetto, our g'petto gives life to stationary interior designs and window displays. This smart pulley system is a software-enabled hardware platform. It consists of 4 pieces of g'petto , an internet-connected control box, and 2 sigma profile bars. 




g'petto is very easy to install with the weight of only 2.25 kg and dimensions of 25.3 x 9.8 x 10 cm.




With a set of g'petto, you have the opportunity to let your imagination flow into your stage. The following videos are merely examples of different motion patterns you can design with our set. There are limitless possibilities to design motion with it. Take your dreams and stories into your store!

Muzip Kuşlar
Muzip Kuşlar
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What Does g'petto Provide for

Your Brand ?

G'petto Videoları

Fast RoI 

It offers a renewable and non-boutique infrastructure for moving shop windows, saving you from the sheer figures of the moving showcase cost.

Easy To Use

Thanks to its easy-to-use interface that does not require technical knowledge, it eliminates the need for any technical personnel.

The Same Movement in All Your Windows

g'petto is smart. Its internet connection allows it to download the same motion data anywhere in the world. Design once and see the resulting motion in all the stores you want with only a simple click.

More Satisfied


  It can increase the number of customers to enter your store by up to 20% and enrich your customers' purchasing experience.

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