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WHY DOES g'petto WORK?

Directing people with visuals has been used since marketing first appeared. The most important element of visual stimuli is movement . The reason for this is the primitive reflex behaviors that people have developed since they were hunter-gatherers. Man has been both a hunter and a hunter throughout his history. For this reason, he has to perceive his prey or hunter quickly and take action. Perception of movement is an important part of the perceptions that people create about the environment . (Johnson & Kim, 2014) As the Prakash project also reveals, the movement is one of the most important separators we use to separate objects. (Klein & Oppenheimer, 2019)


Even if the modern world is not based on the hunter-hunter relationship, this primitive reflex behavior is instinctively developed in humans as in every animal and remains important in the modern world. For this reason , movement is an important and effective method of attracting interest and curiosity for visual merchandising.


People who have entered the marketing field as neuromarketing and have fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), EEG (electroencephalography) etc. Measuring how it reacts to marketing strategies by methods, it has been observed that people's purchasing decision is mostly under the influence of unconscious inputs. (Smarthead & Ceylan, 2019)


Many studies in the advertising and marketing industry show that people make emotional decisions rather than rationally. (Seven, Yücel, & Kürklü, 2017)


For this reason, if a store wants to attract customers inside and encourage unplanned purchases, it should appeal to the feelings of people outside the store with its showcase. The most effective way to address emotion is to stimulate multiple senses and send messages to the old brain . The old brain is visual and can process visual data 40 times faster than other senses . (Renvoise & Morin, 2008)


Moving objects and visuals convey the message that the store wants to give to the old brain without consciously noticing the potential customers. Impressive messages significantly increase the number of customers in stores. FedEx Office investigated how much this increase was. As a result of the research, 78% of the customers stated that they entered a store they had never been to, because the striking visual arrangements attracted their attention and aroused curiosity, and 68% of these people purchased an unplanned product or service . In addition, 3 out of 4 people provided a verbal advertisement by telling attention to another person. (FedEx Office, 2012)

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